Rob Blaine Productions features the best of Instrumental , Smooth Jazz & Ambient  music. All original compositions are written and arranged by musician / composer Rob Blaine. Rob’s latest work is an  album of Modern Classical music consisting of original compositions specifically written for string instruments, titled Contemplation.

Latest album

This album is aimed at Classical music lovers who particularly enjoy the sound of strings. With the exception of Track 4, (Morning) that includes a harp, the entire album instrumentation consists of violins, violas, cellos and double basses. All tracks were composed as easy-listening music. The album took a gruelling 13 months of work ( a definite labour of love), though the end result proves to be well worth every ounce of effort.  Music written for strings often has a particularly soothing effect on the listener. Bach’s Air for the G String could be considered to be one such example. The title track of the album, Contemplation, provides a similar tranquil effect that washes over one, in a manner to Air for the G String. Another track in the same vein is track no. 4, Morning. The album isn’t short of livelier tracks either – tracks 9 (Company gardens) and 10 (Honour and pride) provide all the contrast needed to make the album a well-balanced effort. Track no.6,  At the ball, provides all the romance of a Viennese ball, while Guinevere’s Dance, track no. 8, features a modern string quartet. Rob’s passion for music from different cultures comes to the foreground in track no 5., The Czar’s regret. This Modern Classical album has elements of the “Old Classical” genre, but in a far more easy-listening context that provides a pleasant and tranquil tone.